Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Numb and mumb

I have spent 4 nights dancing my legs off. 1-8am, Wednesday to Saturday. My body hurts and my feet refuse to accept shoes. These extended evenings dancing the night away were with a bright bunch of Espanols who can barely speak a word in English. Thank God we were dancing. They took me from one restaurant to another, club to club, town to town, with tremendous patience and a perpetual smile (I was probably being laughed at most the time, but all in good humour I hope!). Constructing a line correctly in Spanish still requires me to think for a few seconds after every word; never I have I been such a silent listener. Spanish people joke a lot, and even though I may understand them sometimes, I have no idea how to respond appropriately. In a nutshell, in Spanish I am a retard with no sense of humour.

Of course with this schedule, my Spanish study has gone down the drain – back to the point where I don’t understand my homework. BUT, I have been exposed to the “real” stuff; listening to hours of Spanish conversation is very stressful and churns your brain far more than homework. Well, that’s my excuse anyway :)

Bored of saying “lo siento, no entiendo, puedes repitir?” (sorry, I don’t understand, please can you repeat), I have started saying “despues dos meses mas, hablo espanol” (ok smarties who speak Spanish, I haven’t learnt future tense yet – so I know this sentence is wrong). So my stakes are high, if I can’t speak in the next 2 months, I’ll probably be buying my flight ticket home.
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