Sunday, October 30, 2005

Maradona - the 'Fidelista'

Maradona's interview of Castro I'd like to see. When was the last time a sport celebrity interviewed such a strong political figure? In Maradona's visit to Castro in 2001 they talked about how to dribble a ball and Maradona's tattoo of Fidel's face.
What will they talk about this time for an audience?

Its the Mars effect

The last few days have been a set of small disasters, not significant to anything or anyone around - but to me. Thursday night I had a flat tyre on the way to dinner, then my foot got stuck in the contruction outside the place I was going for dinner. Was late by an hour. I love Fondue, but our dinner that night was oil cooked in Fondue, rather than the other way around.
Friday I slept all day, fought with my dad and my brother. Saturday, damage control day for clients, 6 phone calls managing moods - the most I've had for a while. Then! I went shopping. Came home, tried on my new shirt - ripped off the label that caused a huge hole in the back of my new shirt. The base of my heel came off as I left home, and the friend I was supposed to meet cancelled when I was on my way to see him. Later, to cheer myself up I went dancing and my shoes decided to scrape off the skin on my feet, leaving me having to limp home. *sigh*.

To say thats not all, I burnt my skirt this morning as I was ironing it for work. I'm blaming it on Mars. Considering my last few days I am surprisingly calm though. Must be my meditation that I'm trying to keep up with. Must be that dance I had before my feet gave way. OR MAYBE I have the 'anti-Mars' strength or something (!?). Don't know.

Anyway, coming to the point :) Am not a staunch believer in astrology, I do enjoy reading my stars every morning though. So when this whole hoo haa of Mars coming so close to the earth began, my curiousity to its effect on the Earth began. Not really finding anything concrete (as it always is with astrology) I did find this article that kind of put to bed what I wanted to know.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

That phase

"There are so many people who get up in the morning with a vacant feeling, with no enthusiasm for life," - Vikram Hazra, The Tribune, Chandigarh.

This kind of sums up what I have been feeling the last couple of weeks. To be clearer, I do have a great enthusiasm for life, but I feel not for the things that matter.

Us 'suits' in corporate jobs that reap profits know that what we do is meaningless and shallow; just another means to an end. Earning money to live life to the fullest. But do we? what is living life to the fullest? Working your ass off and earning well to have a nice house, a car, a mobile phone; to be able to travel in time off, to be able to afford nice dinners, clothes and entries to nightclubs - ughhhhh, this is not it.

My recent encounter with a very old friend, Vikram Hazra, I think kind of made me put my thinking cap on. Ex-engineer/journalist today spends his life travelling cross-continent helping people. "..Make rural society self-sufficient and empowered. Giving lessons in organic farming, educating villagers and providing health service." Establishing schools, leading the Youth Leadership Training Programme in West Bengal that targets the educated unemployed youth, spreading smiles and reinforcing faith to those lost. And, he is the happiest and most contented person (seemingly), I have met in a looooooong time. And he radiates his joy.

It is so refreshing to meet people like Vikram once in a while. Since he is a friend, his life has a significant impact on me.

Yes I am at that phase where I am feeling hollow and shallow and worthless about my life. Not depressed, just empty. I'm doing extremely well at my job, am called a 'natural' at PR especially because of my gift of the gab (aka being able to talk rubbish). But whats the point?
I have always known that there is alot more to life. But recently it has been hitting me more than usual. What am I doing about it? Nothing. Which just makes it worse.

I am in that 'I want to make a difference' phase. Surely my gift of the gab can be put to better use. Don't laugh and scoff or roll your eyes. Guess I should only continue to blog on this once I've done something about it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Moon for sale

I saw this on Aaj Tak yesterday..for approx. US$20 you can buy an acre of land on the moon.
A Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights for the Moon has been introduced by a certain Mr.Hope, who is the Director of the Lunar Embassy.

He has also managed a declaration of ownership that was filed with the United Nations, as well as the US and Russian governments to ensure that in fact, a legal basis for the ownership of the properties sold here can be claimed. The picture here shows what part of the moon is still availale to buy.

Thats not all, if you are interested in building a city on the moon - a group of people can buy a city for a mere US$55,000.

Maybe the moon is where we need to be investing. Surely in the future the cost to go to the moon will be less than US$900 million. (!!)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do our names have a subliminal effect on our personalities?

The sad person that I am, I have just spent the last hour on this anagram website, finding anagrams for people I know. Shockingly, at least 80% of the time the anagram has reflected the nature of the person in one way or another. I don't want to give you examples - some are a bit too true and harsh to be revealed here.
However, the same kinda holds true from famous people: George Bush gives "He bugs Gore", Gwenyth Paltrow gives "worthy gal wants respect", Jennifer Aniston gives "fine in torn jeans" and William Shakespeare - "I am a weakish speller"??!

But try it out - its pretty amazing.

Hurricane Trivia

I know among all the people dying all over the world due to natural disasters, how they name hurricanes is probably the last thing I should be thinking of. However, since I took the trouble to find out, thought I'd share it with you. Hurricane's are named basis the 'name of the day' -according to the christian calendar - the hurricane originated. So if the Christian calendar day is for 'Louise', and a hurricane begins to storm up that day (God forbid) - voila, it will be called 'Hurricane Louise'.

Now how many of you smarty pants bloggers knew that?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Karva Choke?

Although not religious or 'ritually' traditional, I do respect Hindu culture and am very much an Indian by heart. However, I do not see myself ever doing Karva Chauth. By fasting all day and only eating when the moon comes up, I don't see how my marriage (if I ever do get married) would be any stronger or longer. Maybe it's our love of legends and our strong faith in the divine, but I always find it amazing how such educated Indians still fall for such superstitions.

And evolution begins...

Its OK to have public cinemas in Riyadh now. But only for children and women.

First snowfall in Dubai

Dubai Ski Slope:

22,500 square metres covered with real snow all year round. Dubai never fails to nauseate.

Every dog has his day

"...Today's trial will start with 19 charges related to the killing of 143 Shia men from the village of Dujail, 35 miles north of Baghdad, after an assassination attempt against Saddam in 1982. The former president faces another 11 trials over the gassing of Kurds in Halabja in the late 1980s, the suppression of a Shia uprising in 1991 and other bloody chapters of his 23-year rule which have yielded 300 mass graves and 40 tonnes of documents. By the time he was ousted in 2003 more than 300,000 people are thought to have been killed, not counting casualties in wars sparked by his invasion of Iran and Kuwait..."

The law says everyone is entitled to his day in court. Surely - there should exceptions to the case!

And the defense's argument: (Guardian: 19.10.05)
.."Saddam's defence has drafted a 122-point document seeking to dismiss the case on the grounds that it did not have enough time to review the evidence or properly consult with the defendant. The defence will also argue the tribunal is illegitimate because it is a creature of the US occupation and thus outside Iraq's established legal structure. "It is created illegally and denies him basic human rights," a statement said yesterday. Defence lawyers are expected to do all they can to make the hearings appear a fiasco."

Such a waste of everyones time!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Want to make a baby?


Marzipan: Made of sugar, egg whites and almonds, this substance can be used as a base for icing, or to mold decorative forms such as flowers, BABIES and God knows what else!

'Green' to survive?

I was sent to the airport yesterday by client, to pick up an entry to a programme we run. A rep from this NGO flew all the way from Bahrain to Dubai - just to deliver an application form so that the NGO would meet the application deadline and be considered for a fund. The rep even brought traditional Bahraini sweets for us. Its been a while since I have met someone so earnest about his volunteer efforts to save the environment.

Feeling slightly sorry for the guy I offered to give him a ride into the city (so he could do something in the two hours he had before his flight back) - and to my horror, he spoke to me about his interests in starting a business in Dubai coz this is where all the money is!
I was speechless! 5 minutes ago I was thrown aback by his will to save the earth, I could'nt possible have a conversation with him on how to make money!

On second thoughts, I guess everyone needs some green to survive. So do people throw themselves into non-profit earth saving work just to get recognized, and ultimately own a money making enterprize? I truly, truly hope not.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

New music

I spent an hour in Virgin megastore today, (probably because I was thrilled with their new ' scan any CD you want to listen to' machine - its soo awesome!) and I walked out with Nitin Sawhney's latest album 'Philtre'. Indian name, funky Indian, Western, Spanish fusion - sounded great on 'the machine'. So bought it and felt really cool for buying something uncommon to my collection.
But on listening to it again at home, I could'nt quite understand why I bought it. It has alot of Hindi in it, which is kinda cool because its my language - but in his Rag Doll number -not quite sure what the woman is going on about. Anyway..!
So I decided to run a search on this 'Philtre' business. Yes I know it sounds like a bad word but apparently it means -"a drink credited with magical power that can make the one who takes it love the one who gave it". With this new piece of knowledge after which the album is named, I guess if I listen to it again - it will be in a different light. Don't get me wrong, its not bad music, its just very mystical and mixed quite haphazardly...perhaps its an 'acquired taste'. Ask me in a month.

I also bought Tracy Chapman's new album 'Where you live' - absolutely fantastic; a must buy. Typically Chapman with her super voice, opinion inflicting, meaningful lyrics played on some great guitar.

And..dont ask me why but I also bought Lifehouse's new album. Review on that when I've heard it :)


For someone who is an absolute sucker for animations, I was rather shocked and confused as to why I could'nt sit past the first half hour of Madagascar! I did'nt warm up to the characters and neither did I find them funny. With voices of Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer and Chris Rock - how could this happen? Am I growing too old for animations? or have I lost my sence of humour? Or is my mind simply making redundant any light hearted stimulations and forcing me to grow up? Hmm.

Friday, October 14, 2005


This isn't for anyone who has aced their GMAT.
What was the maker of this test thinking when his devious little mind came up with it.
My particular annoyances are with 3 categories -1) critical reasoning: Which of the following statements if true, best support the parenthesis of the above statement in light of its conclusive evidence. HUH? 2) Sentence correction: 1 sentence written in 5 different ways - ALL ARE CORRECT, but which is the most correct one, and 3) data sufficiency: dont solve the problem ...just tell us if you think there is enough data provided to answer this question. Sigh. Maybe there is some serious unfathomable psychological testing ability behind these questions, maybe I just feel like ranting because I could'nt quite hit the jackpot on these sections. I hate doing tests that make you feel thick and good for nothing. Have'nt done a practice test yet; perhaps I need to do that diagnostic test so the level of my brain's depreciation can be 'diagnosed'.

Anyway, its only day 2 of studying, guess I would'nt get many points on level of tolerance ay.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

And I enter the blogosphere

Always wanting to say something meaningful, share my opinion and well atleast feel like I'm being heard, comes the sudden urge to get this blog up and running. Call it a bit desperate but its almost 4am and I have no replies to my emails. So dear friends, Romans and countrymen, emails are now history as I begin my blog. It is such a liberating feeling to know that you can now post your thoughts in any shape or form, and somebody might just read them! and more importantly not press charges :)

Anyway since this is my first posting on my very own space in the much buzzing blogosphere, I am going to say hola and that my attempt to begin my blog with earth shattering opinion has failed. Having created a blog could'nt go to bed having just selected a template hence this nonsense. If it was'nt 4am I would'nt be scavenging for thoughts.

Yes, it would be a good time to exit gracefully while I still can.
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