Saturday, December 31, 2005

My 2005

Highlights of the year:
- A good year at work
Got a secondment to a clients office/got promoted

- Had the best holiday backpacking around Thailand
- Got a tattoo :)

- People have walked back into my life:
Met someone I used to go to nursery school with after 16 years! was a pleasant surprise
Met a dear friend after 10 years, was more than a pleasant surprise.
Cleared the air with a close friend; after 4 years we are back in contact

- My brother started confiding in me
- Danced atleast 3 times more than last year
- 4 of my close friends got married
- We bought a new sofa (after 8 years! :) and it is the cosiest sofa ever!
- Started meditating again
- I started blogging :)

Low-lights of the year:
- Did'nt get a visa to Costa Rica (bloody Indian passport)
- My best friend at work left the company (but he remains my best friend :))
- I haven't gotten any better at dancing
- Haven't read any good books (I am still half way through 6!)

All in all a great year, can't believe it's over though. Looking forward to 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

69 and rocking !

She is 69, teethless and has made it onto MTV. Just awesome.

Video granny a screen sensation

From: Sydney Morning Herald

"A 69-year-old grandmother in the US has become the heroine of young video-game fans and the star of a web log created by her grandson. Barbara St Hilaire plays video games 10 hours a day and spends a good part of her Social Security cheque on games."

Haven't seen a blog purely dedicated to a family member, that too an old and senile one! What a great tribute from a grandson. And this is excellent, a clip that MTV ran on her.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Xmas at the airport

Normally you would cringe at the thought of being at the airport on an occassion like Xmas, well at least normal people would :) But in Dubai, where else can you get a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream at 4am!?

Alive and kicking post all the bars/restuarants having closed at 3am; Hardees, Eppco or Al Mallah did'nt quite fit the bill. Yes dear readers, my Xmas this year was at Costa Coffee at Dubai airport arrival lounge. And it could'nt have been better. With my dearest friend in Dubai, we watched people at the airport scurrying off to catch their flight, watched planes steer their way to the runway, and talked about our lives. How the year(s) have flown by and what we hope next year will hold for us. I think we missed sunrise by about half an hour.

A random, deep and meaningful post salsa, mohitos and beer. Definitly one of my best Xmas eves.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blast from the past?

Web Sites Let Users Send E-Mail to Future:

"NEW YORK - In the year 2009, on the 25th of April, a man named Greg is supposed to get an e-mail. The e-mail will remind Greg that he is his best friend and worst enemy, that he once dated a woman named Michelle, and that he planned to major in computer science. "

Isn't this as good as keeping a diary and opening it 10 years later? Why do I need to send an email to myself ?

However, this would be good for sweet revenge. To send to people you think do not deserve to forget what jerks they have been. Like: " You sorry sonofabitch I can't believe you were capable of treating my sister like a doormat! " Odds are you probably wont be in their lives when they get this - but this future message would be an unexpected (so effective) blast from the past. OR if you want to confess/admit to something you NEVER would otherwise: "I have always wanted to have your children!" by the time the person gets this, you would probably be married with kids or in a land far far away so you would'nt die with embarrasament should you ever bump into that person!

Ok, silly. I might just do this so I can update my blog 10 years down the line with first hand experience of my 'time capsule'.

It seems like such a simple concept though. Birthday reminders have used this technologyfor ages! doesnt take much to make the news these days does it.

Man with a million moves

Yesterday I had the privilege of dancing with non other than UK salsa king Super Mario. Even though I have been dancing for almost 3 years now, I'm not really into or familiar with the salsa celebrity/champions scene (I'm not really bothered) . I have done lessons with alot of them though including Leon Rose, Susana Montero, Iris De-Brito, Raphael and Janet, Nunno and Vanda - thanks to the guys in Dubai who take the trouble to fly these guys down for workshops. Doing workshops is one thing, and dancing with the workshop teachers is another. My confidence has always been shot point blank on dancing with these hot shots. Even when I went to Cuba last year - they are so damn good you just want to bury yourself .
However, Super Mario was a different story. I think his workshop was the best I can remember.

And when I danced with him - his lead was the smoothest possible, it was all his technique. I was doing all these shockingly complicated moves with such ease. Was like magic! And to top it all, he was a nice guy. No airs, very approachable.

And, what do you know - he is Indian! An accountant from Madras. How cool.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Whats with the boots?

Today to the office I wore my long pink corduroy skirt, black long sleeve top. A combination I have worn a gazellion times; no-one has ever had comment. TODAY, only difference - I have worn boots. Long, black knee length boots. And almost every person I have met today has had something to say about the way I look. People who normally dont even look at me, decided to not only look, but comment. All rather nice I must say.

Guys, please enlighten: what is the deal when women wear boots? Is it a rear sight? do boots turn you on? Do you think its too hot for me to wear boots? afterall I can only wear them in Dubai for a whole 3 days in a year! What is it what is it what is it?! I'm not showing skin, I have no make up on. Its definitly the boots.

NB: Incase you think you can say what you want in cheeky comment to this post, think again - I'm moderating :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bangalore to Bengaluru!??

All the best to my friends from the town of boiled beans.

From BBC:

Bangalore accounts for a third of India's software and outsourcing exports, is India's hi-tech capital and it may soon get a new name that is a variation of the original, meaning "the town of boiled beans. "

Love can't get more unconditional than this

From Red Orbit:
Dog Gets 'Mouth-To-Snout' Resuscitation

SALEM, Mass. - A firefighter stretched the bounds of duty by administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save a dog caught in a fire. Pixie, a 12-pound terrier crossbreed, was not breathing Tuesday when firefighters pulled her from a Salem home filled with smoke and flames.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Technology for the sake of it?

Tesco in the UK will launch musical sandwiches this week with the aim of helping those who eat at their desks, relax. So you buy this sandwhich from Tesco and when you open the box, music plays.

Please. I can't think of anything more annoying. I can't imagine this being done basis research, because I cannot imagine any sane person actually saying they would appreciate music coming from their lunch. Such a desperate PR tactic.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tango talk

A bunch of us salseros went to support salsero-turn-tango dancers at Dubai's first ever tango gala dinner. A black tie event, kisses in the air, over 20 performances, good food and wine; was quite the la-di-daa affair :) but all in all, good fun. After watching pro's seduce the audience with their ever so intense movements for atleast an hour, I kinda started feeling a bit intense myself.
Tango is an extremely passionate and intimate dance. A form of movement where you can see the woman completely giving in to the man. Its almost a portrayal of the ultimate depth of passion coupled with surrender and respect at the same time. And while the woman most definitly steals the show with her oh so sensual moves, the man stands rigid and strong - completely focusing on the woman, as if she was the only woman in the universe - and she was his. Was quite impressive.

All a bit too serious for me though. I mean, even a smirk on the tango dancers did'nt seem right, let alone a smile. I also had difficulty listening to the music. Was a bit like jazz. No beginning, no end and no rhythm.

I did have the previlege of dancing with the Columbian tango champion though, a few days ago when he came to a salsa party - I did'nt know who he was at the time. And I really enjoyed dancing with him. I remember thinking, hmm very strong and close hold lead with hardly any turns; now I know why!

I think I'm going to stick to salsa. It's way too much fun and I'm not sure I could keep a straight face on the dance floor!

Staying secret

Do you have a secret blog? or site?. If so why?
Is it because you are more comfortable voicing your opinion when people do not know who you are? Or because you have some dirty desires you want to express anonymously? :) Is it an adrenalin rush to be a mystery or moonlight?

Or you live in Dubai and are worried that what you have written might be monitored, and then you might land up in jail. I was talking about this to someone and he said he would'nt be surprised if the the UAE blogging community has been infiltrated by the CID so that Dubai authorities can keep a tab on what people are saying and doing in Dubai.

Moryarti, any thoughts? :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

And realisation dawns

You know how sometimes you are asked a very generic yet simple question, usually personal - like 'whats your favourite colour' or 'which is your favourite place in the world'?.. to which you think there really is no one answer for you; and then all of a sudden the day comes and you know 100% what the answer is ...and yes there is only one answer?

Well today I got my definite, 100% answer to a very commonly asked question "what is your favourite food?" ITS THAI.

Until today, I would say..'ahh I like all sorts of food..Thai, Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, English, Moroccan etc etc..' because I do! - BUT I now realise my favourite food is Thai.

How did I come to that conclusion you may ask. Well, this week, I have eaten Thai all week and savoured every bite of my meals. Today I realised I could eat Thai every day. Its healthy, light, spicy and soooo utterly delicious. And when cooked properly - if you close your eyes while eating, just the smell of it can take you back to the streets of Bankok or Phi Phi island. *sigh*

Maybe my mind is getting clearer because I have resumed meditating. Maybe I've just been too hungry, maybe I need to go back to Thailand- OR maybe I just need a holiday.

On a more serious note: strange how knowing something so silly about yourself with 100% clarity can make you feel so good. (?) Maybe I am beginning to see things as they really are.

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