Saturday, December 31, 2005

My 2005

Highlights of the year:
- A good year at work
Got a secondment to a clients office/got promoted

- Had the best holiday backpacking around Thailand
- Got a tattoo :)

- People have walked back into my life:
Met someone I used to go to nursery school with after 16 years! was a pleasant surprise
Met a dear friend after 10 years, was more than a pleasant surprise.
Cleared the air with a close friend; after 4 years we are back in contact

- My brother started confiding in me
- Danced atleast 3 times more than last year
- 4 of my close friends got married
- We bought a new sofa (after 8 years! :) and it is the cosiest sofa ever!
- Started meditating again
- I started blogging :)

Low-lights of the year:
- Did'nt get a visa to Costa Rica (bloody Indian passport)
- My best friend at work left the company (but he remains my best friend :))
- I haven't gotten any better at dancing
- Haven't read any good books (I am still half way through 6!)

All in all a great year, can't believe it's over though. Looking forward to 2006.
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