Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just no ganas!

Yes I have been terribly vaga the last few weeks. Not having the ganas to do anything productive, my days have merely been: Spanish, sun, dancing and day-dreaming. Just one of those introspective yet thoroughly blank phases - have you had those?

But have managed to give myself a kick and should be back on track starting tomorrow. Am off to Barcelona for the weekend - am very excited! will try to take lots of pics and will post them. Need to do the same for Valencia. Ojhala soon.

My blank phase did take me to an eclectic (?)
Pet Shop Boys concert though (it was free!) where I sang my heart out to ''It's a Sin"!

*sigh* hasta pronto!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gift of the gab

Yesterday I went to a Spanish auction at a bar. No, it is not the classy – big hall, big bucks and designer wear auction we are used to watching on tele; it was an auction of absolute crap.

This dude, owns an antique shop and whatever he cannot sell in his shop, he auctions – every Tuesday at midnight, at this bar in the Carmen (I forget the name). All auctions start at €1. And boy can he talk! He sold a dirty blue bucket for 11 Euros! This red flask that you see in the picture went for 9 Euros! Other things included old magazines, sofa pillows, tea cups, hangers! (that by the way went for Euro 3 a piece!) He even sold black and white pictures of people you didn’t know.

It was amazing to see him rock the audience, make them laugh and then make them by something ridiculous, for a ridiculous price. And I thought I had the gift of the gab!

Walking the dog

Since I am part of a family now, I sometimes get allocated the duty to walk the dog so he can do his pee pee ka ka on the street rather than in our home. Now, never having been the owner of a dog, this is new to me and rather interesting.

I don’t know if this is normal, but Franky looks for good places to pee. He knows exactly where he wants to pee and where he doesn’t. And there seem to be so many good places to pee, that he doesn’t pee more than a few drops in one place, as if he wants to cover as many spots as he can in one trip!

What I have learnt:

-A corner is better than a side
-All poles are prime locations
-The wheels of fancy cars too good to miss, even if you can’t pee anymore…just try, it’s worth the raising of the leg.
-It is fun to pee on every step as you are going up or down them
-Grass and sand offer comfortable spots for kaka

Friday, July 07, 2006

Somewhere in between

I can’t speak Spanish and my English seems to be depreciating rapidly.

I don´t know enough about whats happening in Spain, nor the rest of the world!

I have read half of two English books and half of 3 Spanish books.

I have many acquaintances, but no friends.

I am not eating very healthy food – but it isn’t unhealthy either.

I’m here to learn Spanish, but other than attending class and doing my homework, I’m not doing much to speed up the process.

I have been here 7 weeks, and yet only visited Barcelona.

I am very much in Spain – mentally; yet I’m wondering, what next?

Conclusion: I’m in a large space and the world is my oyster. Options seem boundless, yet I cannot put my finger on even one.

Buenos noches.

Valencia turns into Disneyland

Valencia has been in the limelight lately due to the fact that the Pope is visiting us this weekend. Over 1 million people are coming to get a glimpse of who they might call God on earth. The streets are already heaving with people wearing yellow bags and hats, and the plazas have turned into funfairs.

It is interesting to see all the preparations for the Popes arrival: yellow and white Valencia flags every where- outside most houses, balconies, hotels, shops; yellow and white flowers neatly laid out on all the streets, police EVERYWHERE, and they say phone reception will be cut off those few days in prime areas. Most the town will be closed and pubic transport suspended. Even prices of things like water and coffee have gone up for this period! You get this very festive vibe-like everyone is in Disneyland, waiting for Micky Mouse to arrive. (no offense intended!)

As many as there are signs saying ‘te esperamos’ (we are waiting for you); there are many signs saying ‘jo no te espere’ (I am not waiting for you). There is an entire cult of people who are so against what the Pope stands for and all the money being spent for his arrival. I have been tempted to leave Valencia this weekend, just to be away from all the chaos. But perhaps I’ll stay to witness the hungama this event promises!

Valencia train crash

I can’t remember the last time I was in a place that had a disaster. The line that crashed was one frequented by most the population – I could have been on it; I’m lucky that I choose to walk everywhere. There was a huge mass at one of the main Cathedrals today for all who lost their lives.

Thanks to all those who remembered me and cared to find out how I was!

Barcelona Salsa Congress 2006

Wow. My first Congress. What a joy to be amongst people who know what they are doing, and do it darn well- always with the biggest smile! Salsa LA, Cubano, NY, London, Puerto Rico; Rumba, Samba, Regaton, Salsa swing/flamenco/jazz/hiphop/funk/latin hustle, ladies styling, body isolation, freestyle, chacha, bachata, dancing on the 1, 2 and 3, salsa acrobatics – name it and you could learn it in these three days. Teachers included maestros such as Super Mario (just fantastic), Manual Mascarel, Carmen Lorente (stunning), Papa Rumba, Leon Rose, Susana Montero (excellent), Swing Guys, Tito and Tamara…and that’s just a few of them.
Over and above that there were over 40 mind-blowing performances and a competition. Workshops all day, and then shows followed by fiesta all night long.

It has taken me two days to recover, but I’ll be back on the dance floor tomorrow!
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