Friday, November 11, 2005

Another day in paradise

87,000 people dead in Pakistan, bomblasts had just happened in Jordan, and I was at a Phil Collins concert. Almost felt guilty being at the concert. Consoled myself by saying life is too short, must enjoy it while I am lucky enough too.

To all those who thought I was a sad person going to a Phil Collins concert, screw you - it was excellent. Infact, the best I have been to so far. As humans, we love to criticise - however at this concert, stage, lights, sound, production - everything was outstanding. And, there were'nt even lines to go to the loo! With 15,000 people at the venue - managing a no hiccups concert I think was a job well done, good going Mirage Promotions. Talent Brokers, I hope you were there to see how a good concert is managed.

Now, coming Phil Collins..what a performer!I did'nt realise an artist can sound so good live- for over 2 hours, non-stop. Like, wow - better than what he sounds on CD! He came with a full fledge troupe, guitarists, sax players, exceptionally background singers..and him on the drums! Actually..I take that back - Phil Collins solo on the drums was'nt that hot, not quite sure what he was doing, but he was great in a medley with two of his drummers and super on the drums when he sang ' I can feel it in the air tonight'. Oh..and he began the concert by welcoming everyone in Arabic, not just an Ahlan or Marhabba, but a whole para...which I thought was quite cool.

And I sang, and sang and sang and clapped and sang to all his numbers. Yes he is mainstream, yes his songs are soppy and cheesy...but they are also feel good songs and I really enjoyed every one of them. His energy on stage rocked - being over 55, hats off to him. Yes I would go watch him again.
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