Friday, November 25, 2005

Abu Dhabi Latin Festival

We all went to the Abu Dhabi Latin Festival last night and boy did it rock. 4000 people and over 30 musicians from the Latin American bands Raza Latina and Conjunto Massali played some great salsa, cha-cha and merengue tunes till the wee hours of the morning. This year they even had a dance floor! (it had slipped their mind last year)

We danced and danced and most of us girls cut our feet on the very rough and uneven dancefloor - but hey, who cares! There were alot of us salseras/salseros there, however there were alot of random people there, who were definitly enjoying the latin beats - but didnt realise that they could get off the dance floor if they just wanted to stand and watch. There is nothing more annoying than having to dance between people standing still, refusing to budge. You would have thought after being hit a few times by the dancers they would move out of the way. But no. So here we were ignoring the pain of our blistered feet and there were others ignoring the pain of getting whacked. Twas very amusing to say the least.

Oh and there were also those who would be walking up and down the dancefloor as if it was a walkathon, and those who would want to take a picture with their entire joint family in the centre of the dance floor.
Please note, I am not complaining (I had too good a time to complain), just sharing an observation on which I hope some non-dancers can enlighten me.

Anyway, all in all it was a night of great energy. It was super to get to dance to such great bands under the stars, took us away from everything for those few hours. Always wondered why Dubai doesn't have these sort of nights.
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