Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What if...?

What if all of a sudden you had no money, no house, no nothing and you were on the street. What would you do to earn a living?

This thought often comes to my mind when I see that guitarist in the metro singing La Bamba, or jugglers jumping onto the roads in front of traffic lights, or the old man sitting on the sidewalk trying to sell some poems he has written.

I fell into a moment of neurotic panic when I could think of NOTHING I am capable of doing to earn a buck for bread, should I ever be in that position.

See, I can do many things, but none well-enough that I would get a dime for it if I did it on the road. And, in case you were wondering, although it would probably be my best bet, I would never, ever, get into prostitution.

After tossing and turning over what I could possibly do to not die of hunger, I came up with two sad, but possible options -- 1) I would dress as an esoteric gypsy and read peoples hands, stars and tarot cards. (I'm Indian, this wouldn't be hard to pull off) 2) I did a massage course YEARS ago, and actually got certified. I remember bits and pieces of how to give a good body massage, I could start with offering neck and foot rubs in the parks, like they do in Thailand.

What would you do?
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