Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jay Kay Say?

Jamiroquai. Funky hat, funky moves, funky music. In concert - not funky enough.
Well, I have to admit - I know only 5 songs by the guy, but I really like them so thought it worth my time and money to watch him live. I yawned most the way through as I waited for him to play Virtual Insanity - WHICH HE DIDN'T! can you believe it? But he ended with Deeper Underground which shook up the audience; shame it was over after that.

Not very personable; no small talk - straight to the point. Very British :)
The plastic feather multicolour hat that he wore didn't change throughout and neither did he do his funny yet oh-so-cool dance steps.

I think the main reason I didn't have a rocking time at this concert was because I didn't know most of the songs he sang. And after a point - they all kinda sounded the same! Acid Jazz is what it's called apparantly.

On a separate note, I sold my Robbie Williams concert ticket (no I didn't make any money off it!) - and as much as I think it will be a superb concert, the trauma I foresee of getting to and out of the venue didn't seem worth it. All those who are going - enjoy, I hope he turns up! :)

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