Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Little eccentricities of the day

- It's my birthday today, and the first Happy Birthday sms I receive is from Bancaja - my bank in Spain.

- The American founder and owner of the TEFL school I am going to speaks 5 languages fluently and is writing a book on Sai Baba.

- I heard this horrible story of a Japanese student being killed abroad because of language miscommunication. The 16 year old boy dressed for Halloween turned up at the wrong house and was shot by the owner for not understanding what was meant by 'freeze'. After this incident, Harvard made all their international students do a course in American slang - one of the teachers of this course is in my class.

- I met a 91-year old grandmother on the tube who told me all about her husband who had many lovers. She thinks (hopes rather) it is what killed him 20 years ago.

- I had a tuna, walnut and wine sandwich for lunch. Ugh.

- I went to the ham museum (more on that later).

Living abroad is great.
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