Monday, May 07, 2007

Half-robbed (?)

I felt someone approaching me as I began to withdraw money from an ATM.

"Give me money," he said.

He was a skinny, teethless, smelly bugger with alcohol roaring out of his breath.

"Ok, I will," I said, really not knowing how else to respond.

I hadn't completed the transaction, and he wouldn't let me touch the screen. I guess he thought I would cancel the action.

"I am not going to hurt you. JUST GIVE ME MONEY," he shouted.

By the way, it was 11:30am on a beautiful sunny morning.

"OK!" I shouted back, but you have to let me complete the transaction.

And he did. I was afraid he'd snatch my bank card, but he didn't - he snatched the Euro 40 I was withdrawing.

He counted the money, looked at me, and gave me 20 back.


I walked home, shaken but amused and relieved at the same time.
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