Sunday, October 01, 2006

Movie weekend

To welcome the winter with open arms, my body decided not to resist a cold - for that is what winter brings. Blankets are out and so are trousers and cardigans - and this weekend so were my panadols and vitamins. However, a cold is a great excuse to stay in, cuddle up (to your dog, if that's all you have) get some hot Cola Cao going and watch movies. I had become a member of trendy Version Original down the street some 4 months ago, and still had 9 of 10 rentals on my card (can you believe it?). Anyway - so I landed up watching 3 good but very depressing movies:

Barrio: Es un cuenta de thres chicos que viven en un bajo barrio de un ciudad. La pelicula revolve alredador de amistad de ellos, sus problemos en casa con sus padres, hermanos, trabajo y vida en general, y acaba en un tragedy. Es triste pero recomendo este peli.

Hable Con Ella: Si! mi primera pelicula de Al Modovar. No sabia que muchos de sus peliculas son triste! Este pelicula es sobre dos hombres que tienen novia's en coma. Como ellos las cuidan, y desarollo de sus amistad. Pero, este pelicula tiene un ángulo muy chocante y poco enfermo - que despues siente muy mal. Emocional y casi real, este pelicula es muy bien, recomendo tambien.

Whoa. My first attempt blogging en español - y me cuesta mucho! Por favor, si hay alguien español leyendo mi blog, cuanto lo siento! Un dia escribiré sin error!

Water: Now films like this make me proud of Indian cinema. Beautifully shot, this film revolves around the life of a child widow in a home for widows, during the time when most widows were considered useless and a burden. In these houses they need to beg for a living and sometimes sell themselves. Written and directed by Deepa Mehta (known for picking controversial topics) it was made only after a political battle with Indian parties. The movie is not a sob story - but an intense, powerful, and sad peek into the reality of over 34 million widows in India.

Great weekend, but I'm a bit low on my 'happy level' after watching 3 serious and sad films consecutively. Am off to watch some Aida before bed.
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