Saturday, May 13, 2006

Revelling in the glory of joblessness

(Time: Activity: *Emotion*)

7:00am Alarm goes off, time for a run. *Bloody hell*

7:30am Still in bed. * Sleep is nice. My bed is so nice*

7:50am Drag myself out of bed, brush my teeth. *Bloody hell*

8:00am On the way to excellent pathan joint for breakfast to have kheema paratha and dal with S1, S2 and A. *Driving, singing and wondering why I am up so early on my day off*

9:00am Waiting for S1, S2 and A to show-up. *Lets pretend to be engaged in earth moving thought*

10:00am 3 cups of tea + a bowl of yogurt in stomach, sun in eyes, movie talk. *How can these people eat this oily meat stuff so early a.m.*

10:30am Off to Bur Juman Mall to do nothing. *How sad, but what the hell*

11:45am Walking aimlessly around Mall. *How sad, but what the hell, there is a certain novelty factor in this + the company is good*

12:00pm Coffee break at Hediard; deep conversation about personality classification. I'm tagged an 'Explorer'. *Yaay. There is hope for me*

12:45pm Walking aimlessly around Mall. S1 gets shopping kick. One hour in Diesel. *I don't particularly like Diesel. But the sales guy is nice. So are the bathrooms *

1:45pm Coffee break at Hediard with local friend M. *Feminist banter on men. I really like espresso.*

2:30pm Time to see M's Maserati. *Niiiicce car. But I'm going to Spain! :) *

3:00pm Off to eat spicy fried fish at Palm beach. *yummmmmmmmmmm*

4:00pm Licking fingers and sculling beer. *Yummmmm. Must bring my dad here*

4:30pm S2 tells us hilarious story on how his face got burnt while trying to drink absynth with finger on fire. *This is the best drunk story I have ever heard. *

4:45pm Still laughing without sympathy on S2's story *Man, if only this was my story to blog*

5:00pm Time to go home, drop S1, conversation. *So cool to have hung out with S1 today. Hanging aimlessly with someone you admire has its own glory*

5:30pm Home, quick drink of water, off to neighbour for meaningful conversation and brownie. *It's nice to be home with a brownie*

7:00pm Back home and time to head out to meet friend for toxic beverage and salsa. *Shyt only half-an-hour to get ready*

7:55pm Lingering thought: 'The journey is the destination" hmm (?)

NB: S1, S2, A and myself, in my books, are successful individuals with interesting backgrounds and seemingly exhilarating futures around the corner. Perpetually bogged down with work, errands and responsibilities, we have never had a day in Dubai, to do nothing useful. An intentionally wasted day was not in our books - Happy Birthday - it was born today. (Thanks to all of us quitting our jobs)

Yes we had fun. Mindless, relaxed, not a care in the world. Yes we had a lot of fun.

Realising that there are people in Dubai who do this everyday was a bit disturbing, to say the least. But hey, to each his own.

We had fun because it was bizarre to us. It was a day that was so simple and full of nothing, that I will always remember it vividly, and perhaps fondly. Will we ever do it again? I don't think so.
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