Monday, February 20, 2006


My brother walks into my room today and asks me most sincerely 'Didi are you blogstipated?'
My first reaction, ' get lost'; my reaction afer 5 minutes. 'Yikes, I'm blogstipated!'

I blog because I enjoy it. I will not blog for the sake of it, nor because, oh shucks I better blog today since I have'nt in ages. Thoughts don't seem to be flowing at the moment for me, nor does opinion; and I choose not to rant for once. *sigh*

Big deal if I have'nt blogged in a while - I'll be back when I want to! (not that anyone cares - but just thought I'd tell anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog sometimes!)

Besides..I have a few things cooking up my sleeve ;)

Till whenever :)
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